Is it permissible to combine rooms and to move walls?

Yes, all partitions may be moved, removed, or altered as desired. The only exceptions are the exterior perimeter wall and some interior structural elements. These are marked in black color poche on the floor plan.

May rooms change locations on the floor plan?

Yes, the floor plan may be completely altered as the designer sees fit, subject to the restrictions noted above.

Are all exterior openings the same?

All exterior openings are typical French doors, as shown on building sections A-A and B-B.

Should the north arrow shown on the floor plan be considered true north?

The arrow shown on the floor plan indicates approximate north. Designers may choose to reference the exact true north in their schemes, and if so, should convey this in their drawings and project description.

I have not received my dropbox link, or id code yet. What should I do?

If you have registered for the competition, but have not received your ID code or dropbox link, please reach out to decoratorsclubscholarships@gmail.com with your name and school. 

I am a graduate student. Can I participate in the contest?

Graduate students are eligible as long as they have one semester remaining after the current one.

I am a FRESHMAN student. Can I participate in the contest?

Freshmen are not eligible at this time.