The Decorators Club Education Fund, Inc. Annual Scholarship Awards


This award is based on in-school work and nominations may only come from the participating schools.

Each participating school may nominate two students to compete for The Decorators Club Education Fund, Inc. Annual Scholarship Awards. The two students are asked to each submit two projects for jury review. Recipients are selected based on overall excellence of design.

Interior Design programs at these six New York City area schools are invited to participate in the Scholarship Awards Program:

Fashion Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology

New York School of Interior Design

Parsons The New School

Pratt Institute

School of Visual Arts




The scholarships will be awarded based on the most deserving student design projects. In nominating students, schools are asked to take into account both excellence and need; however, there will be no proof of need required for participation.

In order to be eligible, students must be enrolled in their junior year of a BFA program. Student projects submitted for consideration are to have been completed during the current or previous school semester.

Projects will be based on criteria that include the following:


  • Clear written description of assigned program, including site conditions, user group and specific design challenges.

  • Documentation of preliminary design process, including exploration of ideas and arrival at a design solution. Supporting materials may include spatial analysis studies, concept sketches, and user group research and interviews, among others.


  • Creativity of design concept

  • Logical and functional solution to assigned program

  • Innovative approach to solving design challenges

  • Creation of a “sense of place” in design solution

  • Compliance with ADA or other building code requirements

  • Difficulty of project assignment


  • Evidence of an understanding that design can be made universally available

  • Evidence that issues of sustainability are student as an integrated component of design

  • Evidence of sensitivity to the human experience of the intended purpose and support of community and emotional well-being.


  • Appropriate selection of type and strength of materials and fabrics

  • Consistency of quality of individual materials selected

  • Selection of finishes supports and reinforces design concept

  • Evidence of sustainable selections


  • Appropriate selection of types of pieces based on proposed use

  • Selections offer flexibility, adaptability and appropriate levels of comfort

  • Selections support and reinforce the design concept

  • Selections offer choice and and variety as appropriate

  • Evidence of sustainable selections


  • Portfolio well-formatted and consistent, information presented in a clear and easy to understand manner

  • Drawings, sketches and graphics competency exhibited

  • Creativity expressed in linking presentation format to overall design concept